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Thank you very much for your support, ideas and your solidarity! Your donations, subsidies and loans have enabled us to buy »Solibus«! Since February 2020 Solibus also has a ski case and finally a wheelchair lift! We were able to do necessary repairs and the bus is on the road.
We have also come a good deal closer to the luggage trailer.
We still need continued financial support to repay the loans and cover our ongoing costs.
We look forward to your donations. From very small to very large, every contribution is part of the whole!

You can also support the bus project by promoting the project, telling your friends about it, and spreading the idea across your networks.

Donation Call (only in German)[PDF]

Become a
Supporting Member

In order to meet our continuing maintenance costs, we look forward to welcoming supporting members who are able to financially support the project on a monthly basis.

For example, if 100 people give 20 EUR per month, or even 150 people 15 EUR, our basic costs (e.g. insurance and maintenance) are covered.

In addition, your donation will make sure that no journey has to be cancelled due to individual financial circumstances.

For the acquisition of the wheelchair lift, we are in the process of looking for further financing models, from direct loans to crowdfunding and subsidies.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Our Donation Account

Solibus e.V.
GLS Community Bank
IBAN DE89 4306 0967 1231 8868 00
Donation purpose: Solibus

If you want a »donation receipt« for your tax return, please write us an email with your name and address to:

Thanks a lot!
Your »Solibus« activists