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05.05.2020 Solibus back from REHA

10 years of capitalist exploitation have quite worn the bus down. 50 days in a row we have taken care of Solibus now. We welded his „bones“, repaired his „electronic synapses“, repaired the „joints“, mechanical and pneumatic, and last but not least we gave him a full body care inside and outside.
After Corona, many of our social and political concerns will not have been taken off the table and some will be added. Solibus is ready to roll again – for future trips and tours for a world of solidarity!

… here a few impressions of the REHA 😉

March 2020 Currently no journeys

Due to the current Corona-related restrictions, we are unfortunately unable to ensure any rides and tours. Some of the events have already been cancelled due to current reasons. We are still available by phone and email and are looking forward to hearing from you.
We hope to be on the road together again soon!

29.02.2020 Solibus has a wheelchair lift!
Since yesterday our bus is equipped with a cassette lift (wheelchair lift)!
We are very happy to finally make it possible for people who are dependent on a wheelchair to take the ride more easily!
Many thanks to all and to Aktion Mensch, who made the purchase and installation possible with donations and a grant!

Just in time for Christmas…
we received on 20.12.2019 the hoped-for grant of 5000 € for the purchase of our wheelchair lift from Aktion Mensch!
We are very happy!
Our heartfelt thanks go to Aktion Mensch and all its players and donors!

12.11.2019 Neighbourhood Bingo at SO 36
Oranienstr. 190, 10999 Berlin
With Inge Borg & Gisela Sommer
„Apart from the costs: 5800 kg CO2-louse JUST for your Vegas trip! And with us the Neighbourhood Bingo for almost nothing! It’ ss your decision. Without dice, the Mikado of the Kreuzberger. Fantastic prizes to win from fantastic shops in the O-street & Co: every 2nd Tuesday in the month. 2. The proceeds go to the project of that day, which will be happy about every sold-out round like a snowball and the Wild Flamingo Band goes crazy. Very Charity, Dude! Shake your bingo-wings.“
Proceeds go to: Solibus e.V.

18.09.2019 Already 28 bus requests
What positively surprised us is that after a brief three months on the road we already had 28 requests bus from a wide range of initiatives and groups. So far, we have been able to take on eight trips or tours. That makes it seem that our small share of self-organisation has been accepted by and large.

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Ticker from yesterday

10.09.2019 Solibus in the „Antimilitaristischen Camp Unterlüß“
03.-06.08.2019 Tour for Imedana e.V.
16.07.2019 Transborder Camp in France
03.07.2019 Our first tour!
13.06.2019 The Solibus is here!!!


11.04.2020 Unterlüß (cancelled)
Non-violent action in Südheide
„Yesterday, today, tomorrow: Against contempt for humankind, nuclear weapons and arms production“
19.04.2020 Ravensbrück (cancelled)
Memorial tour with the VVN to Ravensbrück
25.04.-26.04.2020 Offenburg (cancelled)
Alliance against AfD Party Congress
May 2020 NRW/Datteln (cancelled)
Ende Gelände-Action days for climate justice
22.05.-01.06.2020 NRW (cancelled)
AntifRAKtour through NRW

10. – 15.06.2020 Letzlingen near Magdeburg
Action days/camp at the combat training center GÜZ (Freie Heide)
03.07.2020 – 06.07.2020 Büchel
IPPNW action weekend at the Büchel Air Base against the stationing of US nuclear weapons in Germany
Early August 2020 in the Rhineland
Ende Gelände-Action days for climate justice
23.08. – 30.08.2020 Unterlüß
„Antimilitarist Camp Unterluess“
09./10.10.2020 Halle
Memorial Demo

Previous tours and campaigns 2020

07.01.2020 Dessau
Oury Jalloh commemorative parade
25.01.-31.01.2020 Switzerland
Seminar trip to Switzerland with young people from Berlin with migration and refugee background.
15.02.2020 Erfurt
„unteilbar [indivisible]“ Demo #Not with us: No pact with fascists
20.02.-21.02.2020 Hamburg
Fridays-for-Future Demo „Hamburg chooses climate“ (FfF Group Potsdam/Berlin)

Previous tours and campaigns 2019



– We are urgently looking for a parking space for the Solibus in Berlin.
Bus Trailer: We are currently looking for a trailer (model: 24 V / 12 V) for the transport of bicycles, strollers, promotional gear, etc.