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Just in time for Christmas…
we received on 20.12.2019 the hoped-for grant of 5000 € for the purchase of our wheelchair lift from Aktion Mensch!
We are very happy!
Our heartfelt thanks go to Aktion Mensch and all its players and donors!

12.11.2019 Neighbourhood Bingo at SO 36
Oranienstr. 190, 10999 Berlin
With Inge Borg & Gisela Sommer
„Apart from the costs: 5800 kg CO2-louse JUST for your Vegas trip! And with us the Neighbourhood Bingo for almost nothing! It’ ss your decision. Without dice, the Mikado of the Kreuzberger. Fantastic prizes to win from fantastic shops in the O-street & Co: every 2nd Tuesday in the month. 2. The proceeds go to the project of that day, which will be happy about every sold-out round like a snowball and the Wild Flamingo Band goes crazy. Very Charity, Dude! Shake your bingo-wings.“
Proceeds go to: Solibus e.V.

18.09.2019 Already 28 bus requests
What positively surprised us is that after a brief three months on the road we already had 28 requests bus from a wide range of initiatives and groups. So far, we have been able to take on eight trips or tours. That makes it seem that our small share of self-organisation has been accepted by and large.

Website in English
You can now find almost all our web pages in English! Just click on the right tabs ….

Supporter List
We are in the process of creating a supporter list (initiatives, groups, house projects etc.) on our website. If Solibus has your political and ideological support, please write and let us know if we can put your name on our list.

10.09.2019 Solibus in the „Antimilitaristischen Camp Unterlüß“
Solibus was part of the camp structure and was involved in political actions. It is becoming more and more clear what such a bus can be used for.

Use of the Solibus from 3/8 bis 6/8/2019 for Imedana e.V. as part of a seminar trip (…. and trip to recover from the everyday stress of dealing with the authorities and the everyday uncertainty about residency) fro refugee women and children from Nuremberg to a youth hostel in the Bavarian Forest. There were daily excursions and for example offers just for women or just for children.
16.07.2019 Transborder Camp in France
From 02/07 – 08/07/2019 Solibus drove with refugees and German allies to the Europe-wide networking meeting for refugee-policy on the ZAD site near Nantes (ZAD = zone a défendre is a French term for a militant permanent blockage of a site). Our bus was the only one at the camp itself. Apart from a shared interest in flight and migration, we the two drivers, have also discussed the Solibus-project with many people from France and other countries and have been met with great interest everywhere.

„Blind passenger” at the window.
on the way back boisterous mood up to spontaneously written songs by refugee comrages to your !!! Solibus.


Ticker from yesterday

03.07.2019 Our first tour!
13.06.2019 The Solibus is here!!!


31.10.2019 Tour to DOK Film Leipzig:
„Submerged against the Current in Venezuela“ Trailer:
25.11.2019 Antilager Tour:
„International Day against Violence against Women“. Women in Exil Anti-Camp Tour against Violence against Refugee Women* and for the closing of the Camp in Hohenleipisch.
29.11. – 01.12.2019 Lausitz:
End of the Lausitz Coal Mining Area. Events and actions for Climate Justice.

Previous tours and campaigns

20/06 – 23/06/2019 Rhineland/Garzweiler:
„Climate Justice Movement – Ende Gelände – Fridays 4 Future and others“
09/07 – 14/07/2019 Nantes/France:
Transborder Summer Camp
20/07/2019 Halle:
Anti-Fascist Tour to Halle
03/08 – 06/08/2019 Nuremberg:
„International WomensCafe Nuremberg“
08/08/2019 Hamburg:
Kreuzberg meets „Bellevue“ Hamburg
Protest and Resistance agains the Eviction of Nightshop #Ora35

10/08/2019 Ahlbeck/Ostsee:
Recreational Trip with refugees from Brandenburg to the Baltic Sea.
24/08/2019 Dresden:
Mass demonstrations / Anti-Racist Parade „United against Racism“/“Unteilbar Demo“
02/09 – 08/09/2019 Unterlüß:
„Antimilitarist Camp Unterlüß“
03/10 – 06/10/2019 Jena/Thüringen:
Events and celebrations to 125 years The VOICE: „Recapture the strength of the solidarity of the RefugeeBlackBox!“
05.10. – 14.10.2019 Berlin:
„Extinction Rebellion“ KlimaCamp. Veranstaltungen und Aktionen für Klimagerechtigkeit – Solibus auf „StandBy“.


– Getting funding for a wheelchair lift turns out to be a major undertaking. If you have any ideas, please contact us!
– We are urgently looking for a parking space for the Solibus in Berlin.
Bus Trailer: We are currently looking for a trailer (model: 24 V / 12 V) for the transport of bicycles, strollers, promotional gear, etc.