Busproject (English)

The »Solibus« Project

We see the »Solibus« project as part of a political and social support structure that facilitates community mobility and participation in activities in Germany and other European countries.

It is important to us that people can participate in political and cultural events and activities, regardless of their individual financial means without encountering sexism, racism or social discrimination.

»Solibus« makes this possible – mobility for all, financed through solidarity and with a wheelchair lift!

»Solibus« is a non-commercial project of extra-parliamentary opposition, partisan but independent of parties.

About Us

We are all activists from a variety of social, anti-racist, anti-fascist, feminist and other political networks and contexts.

We are supported by a large network of people and groups with many different skills, abilities and possibilities.

We see ourselves as part of an emancipatory social movement based on grass-roots self-organization.

We look forward to welcoming more supporters, contributors and to hearing your feedback!

»Solibus« our Intercity Bus

Our »Solibus« contains 51 seats. For shorter distances another 30 standing passengers can join the bus. Storage space is also available.

Since the 28th of February 2020 our bus is equipped with a cassette lift (wheelchair lift)!
We are very happy to finally make it possible for people who are dependent on a wheelchair to travel with us more easily!

Currently the bus is powered by a Pollution Class 5 engine (Euro 5), the second best among the diesel engines.